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Stack is BACK! Watch season 4 now

Season 4 with Robert Stack is live now.  Watch it here:

Unsolved Mysteries is also available on Roku! Check out the FilmRise channel.


Looking for Season 1 with Robert Stack? Click here:

Looking for Season 2 with Robert Stack? Click here:

Looking for Season 3 with Robert Stack? Click here:

Looking for Dennis Farina? Click here:

You can also see episodes with Dennis Farina on Escape TV:


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Petaa motex's picture

First and yay!

markey hill's picture

i cant believe this i am so excited i cant wait to see robert stack

Jenna 's picture

Can't wait for The Stack episodes, this news made my day.

Claudia Contreras's picture

This is great! I hope that all fans off the show enjoy ....Im sure! I can t wait for all my favorite episodes and cases.

Denise Horvath-Allan 's picture

Good news ... Praying that UNSOLVED CASES may be solved and PEACE brought to those who are SEARCHING for answers.
TWENTY SEVEN YEAR SEARCH for Charles Kj Horvath-Allan aged 20 in 1989.

eric crawford's picture

finally i have been waiting for something like this for years now i need to sign up for amazon prime thanks i am going to get my kids watching unsolved mysteries with robert stack as soon as the show debuts on amazon

Andrew's picture

Ahh yes. Finally now I can binge watch all those episodes! It will be like I did with that 25 disc box set but times 100!

Spencer Bell II's picture

You have the 25 disc box set? Where can you buy em or get them I'm a huge unsolved mysteries fan thanks

UMfan's picture

Christmas has come early! Fantastic news!

UM fan's picture

Finally! It's like a Christmas miracle

Josh Royle's picture

So glad this is finally happening!!!!! I have all the Robert Stack episodes burned from VHS copies....but the quality is terrible. Can't wait to watch those old episodes again!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Karen's picture

Love Unsolved Mysteries! It's about time they brought it back. Always wondered about a lot of the cases! Hopefully some resolution to some and closure for the families.

Outtapez's picture

I have been waiting to share this series with my kids for decades. This show is intriguing and haunting. The theme song, the reenactments and Robert Stack. So very good!

siverfox65's picture

about time there one case i'm hoping they air is about a kidnapping of there 3 girls and the father took them from there mom i think in maine and ran to nv with them. i meet the 3 girls and was great friends with the mother before she passed way 7 years ago. they said the story aired on here but never could find it.

Frank's picture


RK Wasan's picture

Although I appreciate Dennis Farina for doing the show, it is just NOT Unsolved Mysteries, without the haunting theme song, and the chilling voice of Robert Stack!! Again, NO offense to Dennis Farina, but it is just NOT Unsolved Mysteries without Robert Stack!!! SO excited for 2017 now!!! Thank you SOOOOO much!!!

Michelle's picture

The ghost stories are my favorite. I also love the solved stories.

John's picture

Its like a dream come true! Can't wait to see the old episodes with Robert Stack. Unsolved Mysteries is one of the greatest shows ever.

Lisa's picture

The Dennis Farina episodes were so disappointing. Just the same old cases with him instead of Robert Stack. Sound the alarm when the Stack episodes are available! Watched those reruns constantly when I was a kid. The "update" music always freaked me out a little though.

Dale's picture

Awesome!! Unsolved Mysteries remains my favorite TV series.....and the older episodes with Robert Stack are classics!! The streaming is just as good as a video release!! I love it!! Thank you for releasing this series!!

Anonymous's picture

What I appreciate about the Dennis farina episodes is the number of updates to the original mysteries I remember watching as a kid. But I can't wait for some Stack Attack!

Nando's picture

I been waiting a long time to watch Unsolved Mysteries. I couldn't find anywhere that would stream them. I hope someone can remake the show and find and interesting voice to narrate. Thank you Amazon Prime! This is so awesome !!! I

Denise Horvath-Allan's picture

Such welcoming news ... hopefully ANSWERS will come in the those many cases ... STILL UNSOLVED ...
my only son was featured in 'Canadian Camper' which aired Jan 12 1994.
TWENTY SEVEN YEARS searching for the TRUTH and the FATE of my 20 year old son who VANISHED whilst visiting KELOWNA British Columbia CANADA from his home in Yorkshire England.

GeorgeHep's picture


MSVCP140's picture

:-) OK !

Connie's picture

Thank you so much! I've loved this show since I was a kid in the 80s. Will you guys be putting all seasons from Stack on there?

unsolved's picture

Yes, more seasons will continue to become available throughout the year

Amy's picture

Oh that's the best news EVER!
I've already watched the 2 Stack seasons that have been released, can't wait for more!
Unsolved Mysteries (with Robert Stack) is one of the best shows of all time. Thank you for streaming them!

DinoDan's picture

So when is this coming to Canada? Cause so far its only avalable in the US

unsolved's picture

FilmRise is working on the distribution, and we hope it will be available soon. Thank you for your patience.

JustJaye's picture

It's great they are now streaming them but the rate of the releases are very slow. It was like one season a month but now it appears that has stopped as well.

unsolved's picture

More seasons are coming! Unfortunately it does take some time for us to edit each episode. Thank you for your patience.

Kevin's picture

Where is season 5?

unsolved's picture

We hope that Amazon will release it any day now. Thank you for your patience.

William Graham's picture

If I may ask. Will there be an update on the Huey Long episode concerning Francis Grevemberg

ReykardIcork's picture

Hello. And Bye.

Albert's picture

Any update on season 5 release?

unsolved's picture

We are hoping that Amazon will release it very soon. Thank you for your patience.

Albert's picture

Why wont amazon just release it already? Flimrise said they finished the updates on season 5 already. I specifically got amazon prime to watch the robert stack unsolved mysteries.. We have been waiting for weeks now!!

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