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CPO Keith Bemis


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I like your show

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Thank you Rose!

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I really love this show.i have recorded shows all the way back from the first host who hosted

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Thank you!

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The markings on his neck (mentioned on the site they included):

Spider: someone who ensnares others in their web
Trash: taking out the trash, taking care of the problem
DEA on his face: this is why he had to die, right or wrong this is what his killers thought he was.

I know the articles really want the crazy Santeria woman for this, but a man his build, fighting for his life? Just not possible, it would take 2 men. He wasn't a suicide. Multiple shots in the ceiling say that, so does the evidence (and you can't use rope in the way the evidence shows and not find any at the scene).

My questions are as follows: why aren't they looking at navy suspects? What did he tell about (look through his records, talk to his CO, was he helping the DEA or not...and if so on what?) and just because it's in Spanish don't just assume, I'm sure Spanish speaking people served on that ship.

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