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UPDATE: Christmas Eve Doorstep Baby


shhona's picture

your story touch my heart

Leana's picture

I remember this one! I'm so happy this one has closure finally!!
But why didn't they say why they left her? Now that's still a mystery to me.

Katie's picture

It's truly wonderful she was rereunited with her family. But I agree with Leana ....the mystery is not over. Why would her parents leave her on a doorstep on Christmas eve? And then apparently her left sister somewhere on Christmas day?
I hope she at least knows why and is content with the reason. Although, I can't think of a valid reason myself.

sha-ka -la-ka's picture

Bless this little precious youngoun! Thy art blessed to have found thy family. Thee will be hopefully happy. Anyway. Hapoy to hear that it has been made known that this child has found their relative's bless you

jean's picture

God bless Tammy for being so forgiving. ..i dunno if i could. .

Mindy's picture

I could imagine it was hard. My birth mother abandoned me when I was 5. I found her 20 years later. It took a long time to forgive her. It wasn't easy. But if someone is holding on to a grudge it holds them back from living, loving and enjoying life to the fullest!

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