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Who Killed Patricia Paz?


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when does this story air on TV?

unsolved's picture

Hi JD - right now there are only repeats of the show on TV. This video is only for the website for now.

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I am really worried about the mystery of the death of Patricia Paz I think the murderer is probably the person that cometed the most kills in thier lives

Anonymous's picture

If there was a party next door to her home it could of easily been the first person to come out of the party with out any one knowing that they had left. Some one who had wanted to get revenge or some one who was pay-ed to do it must had thought: WELL HEY IF I'M BEEING PAYED TO KILL SOME ONE I MIGHT AS WELL HAVE A GOOD TIME AFTER I'V DONE IT. when every one know they didn't hide there track's that well you could of taken the bottle's for D.N.A testing and found out who did it coz I mean you never know who did it unless you try.

kevin S's picture

This has always been such a popular way to solve crimes? Why have no networks decided to bring it back on the air? Seems a natural success with the garbage on tv these days. And these victims will get justice.

unsolved's picture

Hi Kevin - thank you for the kind words. We are always trying to find a channel or network that would like new episodes.

Brad's picture

Surely the cops can get fingerprints and saliva samples from the beer bottles left at the scene

Kassandra reyes's picture

Estas personas son inocentes conosco a los dos y se que ellos no fueron por varias razones que tengo como pueden acusar a estas dos personas sin tener pruebas suficientes. angélica mari toerrez estaba cuidando a sus 3 hijos y Jorge torres estaba trabajando con el ex marido de angélica torres en el pasado como angélica mari toerrez pudo aver ido a la casa de su tía patricia a violarla y a kitarle dinero para las drogas en primera ella ni se droga y ella ya avía sido atestada 1 ves por causa de 1 de sus ijas mi pregunta es por que no la arrestaron en ese momento por este asesinato... Segundo lugar gorge poch torres acaba de salir de probeishon mi pregunta es por que no lo acusaron esa ves de aver matado a patricia paz por que de tantas veses que ha estado en la cárcel ahora lo quieren acusar de un crimen tan grave y ya lo sacaron en las noticias y toda la cosa y todo para que al ratito sea un error..

Resident's picture

Update: Recently just last Saturday, Two arrests have been made on the case of Patricia Paz. Suspects (nephew and Niece) who will face capital murder charges are in custody. More arrests to be made, you can learn more at at ksat 12.

unsolved's picture

Thank you, you can see our update video here:

Someone's picture

I was wondering if YALL will be doing a new follow up to this case. Since there have now been arrests made?

unsolved's picture

Yes, you can view the update here:

Brad the Aussie's picture

Well done to Pamela Elliott and the crew for getting these scumbags off the street and i hope they get the others that were involved

Kassandra's picture

Pamela eloit with all the respect that u dont deserb do ur work right dont put inocend people behind bars.. Angelica mari torres is out becuse she is inocend and we are waiting for gorge poch torres to be out becuse he is inocend.. Do ur work right u guys burnd them on tv.. But who looked bad it was u becuse they are not the killers u dont desrb to have that sut on if u dont know how to do ur work right.... Karma gose around and comes around. Pease out

Brad's picture

your command of english is deplorable

Anonymous's picture

LRN 2 SPELL!!!!!

Smarter than Pam's picture

Pam Elliott is an idiot. A cop wanna-be, feeble minded elf. Bold with a gun and camera but powerless in the mind. Her shortcomings are obvious, aside from her stature. The people she trusts are inept. She is an empty suit, a vacuum, a void. She isn't smart enough to know her own limitations. When confronted with a tough or confusing topic, a pithy bible verse is her lifeline. What a scoundrel.

Brad's picture

Silly keyboard warrior done nothing with your life

Brad's picture

I loved her sisters crocodile tears here kids did it and she was involved

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