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What happened to Tammy Mahoney?


DB's picture

not much of a presentation but I hope it helps bring her home.

Mary Butera's picture

Tammy Mahoney is my cousin I hope and pray someone will come foward so we can lay her to rest its been to long just want to say thank you to every one invoked for keeping my cousins case alive

Lili's picture

I think I found her in phoenix arizona on 35th and Indian school

unsolved's picture

Hi Lili - could you please email us more information at

Lisa's picture

This has nothing to do with the Indian Reservation, but has anyone considered that Tammy may have been a victim of killer Donald Sigsbee? He was convicted in 2004 of the 1975 murder of Regina Reynolds, who was also a Morrisville student and was last seen hitchhiking on Route 46. Just a thought....

Resident's picture

I totally agree that ot could've definitely been sigsbee who killed TM..he lived on stoddar street where colleen and mike hopkins lived..i lived close by on another street in 73.. Thats why her killer has never ben convicted..cuz he was.on jail for another murder of a morrisville college student.. Yhen he died in prison like in 2012..why her body wasmt ever found is totally suspicious to me tho..i think her remaines may still be in tjat house where he was living on Stoddard street.. He was a cabinet carpenter and did his work in the garage ...he may have sawed her up nand disposed of her that seems like a no brainer to me..why dosent someone talk of tjis to the detectives at the syate troopers building..

Troubled Alice's picture

Tracy Mahoney Frontenac Kansas halfway house. Coverup

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