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What happened to Pamela Butler?


Natasha 's picture

Hi I'm really interested in helping solve unsolved mysteries and I really want to contact Derrick and ask him some questions about his sister I hope this post can get reached out to him but if not I hope you can tell him!

Nancy Raines's picture

I like to watch unsolved mysteries on T.V. when I can find it. I would like to see more shows on these people. Most of the time ,it comes on Lifetime Channels. I have often wondered why people move to places where they don't know anyone or have kin there. I would like to help out. I am handicapped, but can walk with a walker some times. I am a real person. I live in Eden,nc Thank you for your time, Nancy Raines.

Viewer's picture

Pamela Butler looks like Winnona Washington; wife of Perry Washington. They have kids are members of the Bay Area Christian Church.

Anonymous's picture

They should look into these leads because anything is possible. The family needs closure...

Anonymous's picture

I think this was a racial thing

Just saying..'s picture

I bet it was the boyfriend

Rochelle Taylor's picture

Her boyfriend did it

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