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The death of Obbie "Gene" Ward


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Just being nosey

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Obie Ward was not "found". 3 witnesses saw him shoot himself while drunk and playing with a pistol. If this is how Unsolved Mysteries treats cases (with no research or fact finding) no wonder the show was cancelled. The local PD and the SBI all determined he shot himself. While a sad case, this lady refuses to accept the facts and evidence in some made up conspiracy.

Tessie's picture

Isn't this the same Gene Ward that took off to SC to marry an underage girl?

Voice of Reason's picture

Rick, you are a nut. Obvi, this case wasn't fully research or produced by UM. Your comparison of this family screen cam video to the real UM show is almost as offensive as your message that Obbie's death was a definite suicide.

Did you watch the video? The allegation is the witnesses are lying. A suicide ruling is not consistent with the original medical examiner's notes.

You and Tessie together have convinced me that you are family or friends of the LEOs in question and that there probably was a cover-up.

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