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Have you seen Lori Reaves Richardson?


Debbie Eblin Richardson's picture

Shout out to you in production of this video, about my sister Lori. It turned out fantastic! Many thanks to you and your team in the making of this video.

unsolved's picture

Thank you Debbie!

Claire's picture

Hi Debbie

I'm a development producer with a documentary television company, and I'm interested in discussing what a documentary could do for your story. Please do let me know if this is something you are interested in discussing, and I completely understand if not.

Please forgive me if you feel this is an insensitive request, but if you have any interest in the use of a documentary to further your search, please do respond with the best way to reach you.


Debbie Eblin Richardson's picture

Hi Claire, I may be interested in a documentary about my sister, Lori. Can you give me some information about your company? Have you done this type of story before etc. The best way to get ahold of me is by email.I will give my email I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your intert in Lori's story. Debbie

Vicki Hunt's picture

I hope and pray this video will be the tool needed to get the answer we're all searching for. So grateful for this helpful media.

Ernest Holton,Jr's picture

I Can See It I can Help Is A Long Shot Put I Think It Might Work Cause I Watch Unsolved Mysteries All My Life And I Want To Help Get These People Off The Streets And Help Find Lost Loved Ones So Let Me Work My Magic And See What I Can Do. I'll Try

margie james's picture


Tammy Garcia's picture

I just watched your show . I'm in CT. And I believe I have a current foto that looks like the guy from Groton . I just don't know where to send it . lmk
Thankx for all you do!

unsolved's picture

Hi Tammy - thank you for your tip. Could you please email us with more information at

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