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The abduction of Jessica Heeringa

UPDATE: Jeffrey Willis has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of Jessica Heeringa.  We will bring you more information as this story develops.



Lani's picture

Nicely presented mama. I still have her picture up at my work in Manistee and watch to see all the time if she has been found yet. Never give up hope!

Becky Howard's picture

I pray for Jessica & her family daily....I pray she will soon be found....God bless.

ChristinaJackson's picture

I'm sending my prayer's to jessica and her family. I'm praying jessica will be found very soon. Christina Jackson Muskegon,Mi

Anonymous's picture

Want to see this.

Kindra Barry, Sand Lake, MI's picture

Still praying Jessica is brought home.....

Marie's picture

I hope they find this young lady. I don't think the police have done enough.

Delicia's picture

My home town needs answers and to get whomever took her out of our community!! Sharing as far and as often as I can.

Connie boycepinks's picture

Pray they find Jessica very soon,Prayers to the family.

Anonymous's picture

Praying for your safe return Jessica. I live in Texas now but had been a resident of that area all my life and was in that gas station almost daily. I will share and ask others share as well. Very informational video. God Bless. Jennifer Stiles

margie's picture

I so hope someone sees this and will know something any thing will help my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family keep the fairh

Shirley VanderSchuur's picture

Nice Video. Pray for Jessica every Day.

Sally Boyce's picture

Why not call in a psychic???? , maybe get some closure and get some crud off the street. It's worth a try'.....

ValkyrieRising's picture

Agree. You would be amazed what doors this could open!

Athena's picture

Excellent idea

Lisa Crosby's picture

I'm so sorry for your pain. I knew Jessica years ago when she lived in Ravenna. I think about her alot. Keep the faith in bringing her home, cuz we are.

Janet Torney's picture

I say a prayer every day that they find this beautiful God guide the people he needs to, so that Jessica can be she stay strong and know that everyone is praying for her to return home! Shared your story in Fife lake, Michigan

Lori Riemersma's picture

Prayers for Jessica and her family. This breaks my heart.

kristi breazeale's picture

Sending prayers for Jessica and her family...never giving up hope that she will be found. ONE MISSION

Pamela Switzer Devereaux's picture

I have been praying for you everyday Jessica, and will continue to pray for you and I will never give up hope on you. I have been praying so hard that you are brought home safe. God loves you and is watching over you. You have a wonderful family that has Not given up hope on you and there are so many of us that are NOT giving up hope on you. <3

s.b.m.'s picture

I'm praying with all of you. Today is a new day full of hope sounds like I hope they bring that beautifull young lady home! I pray for her mama, God bless her sis and her son, may GOD give them comfort and rest thru this trial, gotta feeling Jessica. Going to come out on top of all this, My eyes always look for her, Just keep looking and spread the word loud and clear, the truth is out there. This is our home, where our children play our back yards where all this happens. We as a community should act together stick together. We will find.Jessica I have to believe that,

Lady Lulu's picture


Anonymous's picture

Maybe she has a new identity, maybe some people close to her might even know about it .... just maybe....but she's still alive. I have faith.

Anonymous's picture

This sounds familiar to me. I think I maybe able to hurt u

unsolved's picture

Do you mean help? If you have any information, please call (231) 222-0278 or you can email us at

Joni Rawdon 's picture

I pray for Jessica daily and her safe return. Jessica Dugard came home to her family. So theres plenty of hope & faith Jessica and all the others missing from our community will come home too. It makes me ill that the lack of help we get from our police departments in these situations. I believe she's out there alive we just have to find her! Her family is waiting!

Amaris's picture

I hope she is still alive and makes it back home to you safe. If worst case I hope she at least is found so she can have a proper burial and be laid to rest with her family. I cried watching this esp. towards the end when her mom starts crying. I am so, so, so, so sorry this happened to you ma'am.

Amaris's picture

I hope she is still alive and safe. If she isn't I hope she can be brought back home to have a proper burial by her family. I cried watching this video. It is utterly heart breaking. May angels watch over her now and forever.

Anonymous's picture

So sad

Maria's picture

Im sending prayers out to the family, and i pray she is found!

Anonymous's picture

I have been following this story for a long time. The thing about psychopathic serial killers is to most people they are normal. They hide their evil well and are charming. I wish they could give more detail. Like, what was his hair color, body build, ect.

Jennifer's picture

My prayers are with you guys.lord keep this child in your hands and let her come home in Jesus name

Gina's picture

I wondered if the police have searched the areas of where Rebekah Bletsch was found? I know there is plenty of wooded area and a few structures standing where no one enters but only hunt the land. This could be a possible search area if he was familiar with the area before he murdered Rebekah.

Jamaican Mecrazy 's picture

She is still alive, but she's running out of time.

unsolved's picture

Please email us with more information at, use the tip form ( or send us a message through our app.

No Name's picture

She was seen in Alabama at a gas stations. She was on the passenger side of a truck or a jeep.

barre's picture

I can't stand seeing people hurt so much. This poor woman. My heart bleeds for her.

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