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Jeremy Bright

An Oregon teenager attends a county fair and never returns home.

Jeremy Bright


Gender: Male
DOB: 5/25/72
Height: 6’
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Defining Characteristics: Has scars on his forehead and nose, and a mole on his chin
Remarks: Last seen 8/14/86

Some say Jeremy was shot by a local teen

He was allegedly buried in the forest


She said his shirt was covered in blood

Each August, the Coos County Fair rolls into Myrtle Point, Oregon.   For many, it's a weeklong celebration.   To 14-year-old Jeremy Bright and his close friend, Johnny, it was one of the high points of the year.   Normally, Jeremy lived a hundred miles away in Grants Pass, where his mother worked.   But during the week of the fair, he and his younger sister stayed with their stepfather in Myrtle Point.   On Thursday, Jeremy and Johnny enjoyed the festivities at the fair.   Around 4:45 that same afternoon, Jeremy made a long distance call to his mother, Diane.   He told her he was having a great time at the fair. She told Jeremy she'd be back in Myrtle Point in two days to pick him up.   Five hours later at 9:40 PM, Jeremy showed up at a local tavern owned by his grandmother.   There he met his stepfather and asked to borrow some money. It was the last time Jeremy was ever seen by his family.   Two days later, Diane arrived in Myrtle Point as planned.   She went to pick up Jeremy at his stepfather's house, but her son never showed up:

"I went in and on the TV set was his house keys from our Grants Pass apartment and his wallet and his new watch that he told me he'd bought.   I knew when I found those things that he was around somewhere because he wouldn't leave without them."

Jeremy called his mother from the county fair

On Saturday night, Diane was worried enough to contact the police.   At first, Sergeant Steve Dalton of the Coos County Sheriff's Department believed Jeremy had simply run away:

"He did like the fair.   There was the thought that perhaps he was hiding out, intending to leave with the fair people and I've explored that possibility in every way that I can think of.   However in this particular case, I've talked to family members and friends of him that knew him well.   And he was just not, from what I can learn, the type of kid who would have struck out on his own."

On Sunday, August 17, 1986, the fair closed down.   Myrtle Point was buzzing about Jeremy's disappearance, and gradually, conflicting stories began to emerge.   According to one rumor, Jeremy attended one of Myrtle Point's many parties, and drank a beer laced with a powerful drug.   Another story claimed that three older teenagers showed up at a local swimming hole and harassed Jeremy and his friends.   According to Sergeant Dalton, this information came from a jailhouse informant:

"They subsequently took him to a cabin, maybe within ten miles of the Myrtle Point area, and attempted to nurse him back to health... he died as a result of that injury, either from loss of blood or from infection or what have you.   That same source... indicated that his body would found within 200 feet of this cabin in a shallow grave."

Police searched the area surrounding the cabin but found nothing.   For Diane Bright, the rumors about her missing son were difficult to handle:

"All of them are hard to think about.   Every time I'd hear a new one, I have nightmares for a week or so. The one that I hope is not what happened is one where he suffered for two weeks before he died and they buried his body, because the thought of him suffering for two weeks just makes me sick."

Jeremy Bright has scars on his forehead and nose and a mole on his chin.   The prime suspect in his disappearance recently died in prison, and there are no new leads.   However the case is still open.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season one with Robert Stack and coming soon with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina.



Jenay Mystery's picture

I lived in Grants Pass every summer growing up with my grandparents. I love it.. It's the most beautiful place. I am several years younger than Jeremy but I feel like we could have known each other. My heart goes out to his mother and family. I pray it's solved!

jesus's picture

Theres a lady in Port orford
She isnt hard to find. She knows. Edna rosenberry.

Anonymous's picture

She's not listed, so I'd say she is hard to find.

Cee Cee 's picture

Edna Rosenberry. Do you mean Edwina Rosenberry my aunt. I would really appreciate it if you would refrain from spreading rumors and lies. Edwina never lived in Myrtle point. I know this for a fact. Please leave my family alone and quit with your stupid lies. My aunt was living at home at the time of his disappearance she was 20 years old and most likely was not hanging out with a 14 year old kid. If you continue to lie without plausible evidence I will turn you in for harassment and defamation of character.

Anonymous's picture

It's irrelevant whether or not she lived in Myrtle Point—Myrtle Point is not even an hour away from Port Orford where you've claimed on other boards that she lived, so you're proving nothing by saying that. Someone put her name out there for a reason—that's not to be accusatory, but she lived only an hour away and could have been in town when it happened or knows something. Jeremy Bright's family deserves to know what happened to him.

Law 4's picture

You will turn the anonymous poster in to ? The internet police? Your "aunt" can and should defend herself. Nice that you've given a potential harasser or stalker her approximate age so they can use one of many free search engines to locate her. Be careful what you post. Our concern should be for the missing, not your "aunt."

t's picture

Hey unsolved! Has anyone looked into this "edna"? Ive seen this name posted in relation to this case several times. Very curious.

Cee Cee 's picture

Edna Rosenberry is also called Edwina Rosenberry on another post. She is my aunt and she knows nothing about his disappearance. She was living at home with my grandparents at the time and they don't live in Myrtle point. My aunt paid her debts to society and she deserves peace and quiet. Not lies and vindictivness. I will not hesitate to contact the police for these posts that that guy posted. It is considered slander defamation of character and harassment. Sorry for the rant but my aunt doesn't deserve it she is a good person and she deserves what everyone else has. Like privacy, not to have her name slandered and dragged through the mud, and to enjoy her life with all of her family. I am really sorry about the disappearance of Jeremy Bright and I pray that the family gets closure. I just can't stand by and let this random person to trash my family's name and spread rumors without plausible evidence.

thetruth's picture

Yeah blah blah blah you seem awfully defensive if she has nothing to hide why not talk with the police. No one has accused her of doing anything just that she may know something and with your reaction and the number of times the name has come up it's my opinion that she knows something, at first I thought it was a vendictive jerk, now I don't know

Cee Cee 's picture

That person has posted that on multiple different websites about the case and I am defensive because my aunt is already going through enough. She has been through a lot and is getting her life back together and she doesn't need the lies on top of it all. Our family is already dealing with a lot Edwinas mom's business burned down and she doesn't want to deal with this on top of her business that she worked her whole life to build being gone. I am just trying to get peace for my family and have the lies and rumors stop. It is on so many websites and it is all being posted by the same person and I think it is someone trying to be vindictive and I got so upset because it is ridiculous. I just want to clear my aunts name and to rid my family of the vindictive rumors. I hope you can see that all I am is a concerned niece trying to defend my aunt who is innocent.

JennBunny's picture

Don't let them get to you! They obviously have nothing better to do other than play Inspector Gadget.
God Bless You and Your Family!

Roger 's picture

May I ask why she was in jail

unsolved's picture

Hi T - we haven't received any updated information in this case. It is being handled by the Coos County Sheriff's Department.

Jeremy's Mom's picture

Jeremy's case is still open. On August 14, 2015 it will be 29 years since I last spoke with my son. It is way to long for a person to be in limbo. Him, Me, and the rest of his family all included. He now has many nieces and nephews that he would be very, very proud to know. We just need to find him.

Peter's picture

You should use the services of a psychic to help you out. A picture and a garment of Jeremy will help. Their are good ones out there who can help. I wish you the best.

Kristin's picture

I found him or I mean saw him in Brunswick Georgia at raceway talking to somebody but now he has blue hair

unsolved's picture

Hi Kristin - please send us more information at, through our tip form ( or through our app. Thank you.

Reader's picture

I think someone is messing about with the name Edna Rosenberry- I was checking a little into that name and the user names of the posters who keep spreading that across many sites now that I have seen- Oddly the names and quotes at the end of each tie into one another in a sinister way-Edna Rosenberry the name was listed as a forgotten serial killer of children-one of the user names who posted was Dredd which was a movie about a law enforcement officer who acted as judge, jury and executioner-quotes taken from Elbert Hubbard that were included with some of the posts, he was at one time a successful traveling salesman and considered himself and anarchist. In one of his quotes he references Jesus was an anarchist-oddly that is the name of the poster referring to Edna on this thread. Coincidently there was another guy who disappeared 14 days after Jeremy in an adjacent town. He was nearly the same height, weight, build, hair color etc. just older. He came up missing from the Blue Moon bar. He has never been found and his case is still open. His name was Kerby Allen Bessey. Is it possible to maybe have had a serial killer traveling through the area around fair time or?

Cee Cee 's picture

Thank you for researching instead of assuming. What that person meant to post was Edwina Rosenberry. She is my aunt and she never lived in Myrtle Point someone is trying to start drama and negativity. My aunt paid her debts to society and she is just trying to live her life. I have researched and that person has posted that on every article about Jeremy Bright on every site they could make comments on. I am really hoping that the person will have the decency to let my aunt live her life in peace without the drama and negativity. I am really upset about the comments the person is posting and I will be fighting to get them removed before further action involving a court case and charges being brought upon them for slander , defamation of character, and harassment are pursued by myself and my family. I will be taking screen shots and I will save them all just in case that person decides to continue thier disrespectful behavior.

alistaircrane's picture

You seem more concerned about your aunt than Jeremy Bright. Shame on you!

Mitchell's picture

From the way you talk about your aunt having "paid her debt to society", it is reasonable to assume she has been convicted of criminal activity which warranted severe enough punishment that she was also incarcerated for an indeterminate amount of time.

That being said, it's hard to libel or slander a criminal, especially without any accusations being leveled against said criminal. Outside of possibly having knowledge of a someones whereabouts. You have no gripe where the law is concerned. In terms of the alleged "harassment" of your aunt, you really don't have a leg to stand on where that is concerned unless you find a really sympathetic judge with too much time on his hands who may issue a cease and desist. It's possible but highly unlikely. There is more that I could add but I really see no point in doing so.

You may get some traction by complaining to the company that hosts the website. They may remove the offending posts. None of them have been offending though. Go back and read your comments. You corrected your aunts name. You stated where she lived. You identified her as a criminal. You are more liable than the party you are threatening.

Also, you have claimed a couple of times that you "just want to clear your aunts name", How is threatening people online who claim she may have information about a missing child going to clear her name. It only arouses suspicion. As in real life, think before you speak.

Lubabe's picture

Dude has a point. You need to chill and stop bringing so much negative attention to your aunt. I'm thinking this is a teen or young adult posting and doesn't relies she's making everytthing about her aunt more negative.

Maby's picture

There were actually 3 gone missing, possibly 4, not sure if the date gone missing on one. Duane Fochtman went missing from Lincoln city 7/22/1986 then Jeremy Bright 8/14/1986 then Kerby Allen Bessing 8/28/1986. Joy shields also went missing but not a lot of info when I googled. It's sad, I wish these poor lost soulless could be found.

Anonymous 's picture

Please look into the 2014 AJ Reed missing person. The cabin referenced in the reinactment.... I've heard the exact same rumors!

paulynn's picture

Gee people leave the ladies aunt alone already.I'm sure if the cops thought the girl was in on it they talk to her,then proved she was not who they were looking for.

YaYa's picture

That girl is a troll. She posts the same crap everywhere.

someone knows's picture

I can only surmise that the person who keeps directing their comments at your aunt believes that she may know something and there must be a reason this person believes that. Know one accused her of " doing anything" but maybe she saw something or knows something and is afraid, mabye she was threatened. This boys mother deserves closure and unless you were with her that day or someone else can verify her whereabouts that day one never knows but her.may Jeremy RIP wherever he is and may god send anyone with information that has not come forward to hell!

Johnny's picture

This Jeremy Bright case was a haunting one. I wonder what happened to his friend Johnny. Did he see something that night? The recreation was expertly done with the young man firing indiscriminately into the water and supposedly hitting Jeremy. Then showing the cabin and the men burying him. It's almost been 30 years since Jeremy's disappearance. The most likely theory Jeremy was abducted walking back to the apartment or was struck by someone drinking at the fair and they panicked and buried his body later.

Grace's picture

I hate to break it to you guys but he was last seen in 1986. It's 2016, I don't think he's with us

messiah 's picture

You are right... but for some of us we've seen and watched this story since the first air date and we have invested in Jeremy's story...members of Jeremy's family have since passed and Jeremy's friends have moved on and the killers could be alive or dead and we don't know and yet we still hope for an end...but still after 30 years we still know that somebody still knows something

Dan hoey 's picture

Has any one checked to see about Paul bannachi he claims he helped kidnap John gosch gene Martin and was forced to sexually assault Jeremy bright he told Noreen gosch a ring of men kidnaped and used all three boys for pornography

Mar's picture

God bless the hurting.

Jen's picture

I was reading up on this on the unsolved wiki..and wow. Nearly every one who knew Jeremy has died. Several suspects have died in prison. Quite a few family members have passed away. I hope there is a body found and some closure for those still mourning him. It is horrible all around.

LUIS FREEH's picture


leanna's picture

I read a comment on a mother post saying Jeremy is buried in a rock pot up Lee Valley Rd. The person who said this was a man named Guy Brown , he is on Facebook but it doesn't look like he's on it much I wonder if this lead has been followed up on. August 14th marks 30 years , sure wish he could be found.

Anonymous's picture

If you check court records Edwina Rosenberry, lived in Remote OR at the time. That is only 19 minutes by car from Myrtle Point and her criminal history is a mile long with drugs, burglary and false information to LE charges. Nothing says she was involved but no angel either.

Leana's picture

What about this so called friend "Johnny" who was with him at the fair? What happened to him the rest of the night?

Black Bieber's picture

Such a shame that most of the people who knew Jeremy Bright (including his relatives & at least one of the suspects who could've been his bullies) have passed away now. More than likely, Jeremy is deceased now. However, as the Informant's story about Jeremy's remains being located near a cabin turned out to be unreliable (if not completely false), there is a possibility that Jeremy's still alive. He would be 44-years old now and would probably look more closer to the age-progressed photo shown on the program than he did more than 30 years ago as a teenager. So sad and so scary, as I happen to share a birthday with him.

freeh report's picture

Jeremy is dead and everybody in that town knows who, what, where, and why...but they are all afraid of someone...

He was just a boy!!! Fight for him!!!

free's picture

I get it...fresh reports are nonsense

freeh's picture

Freeh reports are nonsense!!!

Anonymous's picture

Oregon has a high rate of abductions into sex trafficking. Just saying.

damnation abyss's picture

I don't like the fact that the poor boy was murdered

Anonymous's picture

How do you know he was murdered?

Anonymous in Oregon's picture

Did I get this right? He was staying with his step father. His step father saw him Thursday. The mother showed up to pick him up on Saturday at the step fathers and his wallet and watch are there. Missing two days and no one reported it? Was his wallet at the step father's those two days or do they think he just randomly showed up there and dropped those off and left? This doesn't make sense. What was the step fathers explanation of where he was those two days?

Diane Metcalf's picture

Its pretty obvious Terry Steinhoff had everything to do with Jeremy's dissapearence. He had a rap sheet a mile long and was found guilty of either murder or attempted murder. Im thinking Karma killed the POS while in prison due to an overdose. It is also obvious Terry Steinhoff's dad is involved or knows what happened (he is a POS too). Woman are saying on other websites they have heard where Jeremy's body is and have told the local police but the police have yet to sesrch that area.
It is also clear Terry's sister knows what happened to poor Jeremy. The entire Steinhoff family are a bunch of filthy, lawless, scumbags. People in that family know what happened.
There is no doubt Jeremy passed away not long after he went missing. I hope they find him to give his family some closure. R.I.P. Jeremy

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