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Cynthia Anderson

A legal secretary disappears after having dreams of being abducted.

Cynthia Anderson


Gender: Female
DOB: 1962
Height: 5’4”
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Remarks: Last seen 8/4/81

Cynthia was plagued by bad dreams

Police searched for clues


A mystery caller provided a new lead

In 1980, 20-year-old Cindy Anderson of Toledo, Ohio, was plagued by a series of frightening dreams. In one episode, the acquaintance she lets in the door betrays her trust. Cindy's sister, Christine Savidge, heard her sister talking about the dreams:

"One morning while I was getting ready for work, I overheard Cindy talking to my mother. I do believe that the dreams could've been a premonition of fears that Cindy actually had in her subconscious at the time."

On August 4, 1981, Cindy went to work as usual. She was employed as a legal secretary and, in the mornings, usually worked in the office alone. She kept the door locked at all times. A buzzer had even been installed at her desk so that she could alert the shop next door if there was trouble.

One day, at noon, Jim Rabbitt and Jay Feldstein, two of the lawyers, arrived back at their office after a meeting. According to Jim Rabbitt:

"Jay and I came back from downtown, got to the door and the lights were on, the door was locked. We unlocked the door, went inside, yelled for Cindy and there was no answer. I started to look around out front.   Cindy, when she would leave, would place the phones on hold and that wasn't done either."

Jim Rabbitt said that Cindy had left her romance novel open to the only violent scene in the book, where the heroine is abducted at knifepoint:

"It wasn't until really looking at the book, particularly reading the passage in the novel, that I had a sickening feeling that something was wrong."

Cindy was never seen again. There was no body, no farewell letter, no hint where she had gone, or why she had disappeared. Were Cindy's dreams premonitions of a terrible fate?   Or, were they just a coincidence?

Cindy was raised in a strict religious environment. Her family, boyfriend, and most of her social circle were all devout Christian fundamentalists. Cindy's father, Michael Anderson:

"She was a very quiet, obedient type of a girl. She never made waves with either myself or her mother. And she had lots of friends. She was the type of daughter that you just enjoy, I mean, just a beautiful young girl."

Cindy's sister had no idea why she might leave on her own:

"At the time of Cindy's disappearance, there were no circumstances in her life that any of us were aware of that would've caused her to have run away. She was looking forward to quitting her job in two weeks and going to a Bible college that she would attend with her boyfriend. She was very excited about it."

Cindy's dad said he noticed a change in his daughter's behavior:

"Just before she disappeared however, she was becoming like a debutante. She was spending a lot of time on her face and herself and she'd skip breakfast for this reason. And that may be part of the problem."

The day Cindy vanished, the police immediately began a search for clues. Cindy's car keys and purse were missing. But the office was undisturbed, and according to Toledo Police Det. William Adams, there were no signs of a struggle:

"Her car was parked in front of the law office. Her bank account, which had a nice substantial amount of money, was never touched. Her social security number has never shown up under any other work place. It's a complete mystery how and why Cindy disappeared."

Larry Mullins was a client of the law office where Cindy worked:

"The day before Cynthia Anderson disappeared, I had been in the law offices to pay off a legal fee. She got a phone call. She kind of reacted like maybe it was obscene or something and hung up real quick. And the look on her face, still, I can picture it today. She was scared. She was honestly and sincerely scared. It gives me shivers to think of the look on her face. I went home and I called the police department and asked them to do a drive-by and check on her. Something scared the hell out of her, in my opinion."

In September, 1981, a month after Cindy vanished, another strange phone call gave police a new lead. According to Det. Adams, a woman called to report that Cindy was being held in the basement of a white house:

"She said that she was scared and she was talking in low whispers. She kept saying she had to go. I kept begging her to stay on the line, give me more information, give me an exact address, something that we could act on. A short while later, she again called. The lady mentioned that there were two houses side by side owned by the same family, and that the family was out of town. But their son was home and he was the party that was holding Cindy in the basement. We did check street after street on the north end to see if we could find two houses side by side. There's many, but you can't find any positive location to the house."

Michael Anderson has wondered if his daughter isn't living somewhere with amnesia:

"If she herself is out there, we want her to know we love her and we certainly want her to come back, whatever the case may be. The door is open, we certainly want anybody and everybody that can possibly help in this situation to do so."

After Cindy's disappearance, a local grand jury indicted nine people for drug trafficking. Some suspect that Cindy knew one of them, and she was killed after she overheard incriminating comments. No charges were ever filed. 

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season two with Robert Stack and season four with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina.




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Test Comment

rebekkah's picture

Does anyone have any clue as to what romance novel she was reading? There might be clues in the text of the novel.

Cheryl's picture

I wonder if she didn't have some kind of mental break and left on her own. She didn't have time to hit the panic button, but she had time to leave a book open to a passage? It was a woman who called the detective leaving vague messages about houses, but no street name or address? Being that she worked for lawyers, I would think she would have told them if she was getting strange calls. There also seemed to be no evidence that someone else painted those messages. Her family noticed a change in her behavior; her life was about to change as she was going off to college and quitting her job. I think maybe she wanted attention or had a breakdown and just wandered off.

anonmys's picture

i feel sorry for your lost i think that the killer dissever anything he or she gets

Anonymous's picture

Two houses side by side indicates a duplex ...a two story wood structure usually mirror image of each other....with wooden steps ...with a concrete block foundation of which several layers are visible. Covered cellar windows included...

Anonymous's picture

She mentioned..two houses side by side..white...kept in cellar....must be heated. As she was abducted during day...and immediately brought house...she noticed house color and two side by side..( duplex style) but didn't see house number.... it must be obscure. missing.or.painted . Check USPS....Fedx..UPS...for constant delivery people would know right away....of missing address numbers....they probably have a p.o. box....and 2 dish on roof...

Anonymous's picture

Maintenance man had keys to the rooms. Says he didn't have anything to do with the spray paint but what about her disappearance? The 'BY GW' sounds like a cover up. Should investigate in the maintenance man again after years past

Anonymous 's picture

Their were a lot of clues in this case. The graffitti outside of her work and the book left open to the page and didn't sound an alarm? The person responsible probably knew about the alarm and told her not to set it. It is strange how she got calls at work from a stranger and didn't tell any of her co-workers, maybe she just didn't want to accept the fact that maybe someone was stalking her. I hope this case is looked into again and they find who did it their are clues and it's been years so maybe now the woman who called in with information about the house would reveal her identity.

Mj's picture

A suggestion would be to look at the city records and find the same family that owns 2 houses side by side.

Anonymous's picture

Look in Perrysburg not Toledo . Look in Wood county Recorders office for M. Pizza . She is in the house next door!

Renee's picture

I'm very interested in this. i read on another cite that she was buried in a basement on Heather Ford Drive in Perrysburg, Ohio

Anonymous's picture

Why would you give false information and lie about such a case? You freaks are all over the place on these sites, just begging for attention. You do realize that it's been 36 years, right? Obviously she's not still being held in the same house that she was 36 years ago, if that info was even true at all. And I believe it was also a blatant lie for attention. They knew the color and that it was a side by side house and that the parents were away but the son was there, etc. But no street name or house number??? Yeah, ummm...bull.

Anonymous's picture

The FBI know where she is! The lock on the door was put on buy the FBI,(magnetic lock). She was a (C.I.) at 20,with out her family knowing. She overheird a payoff in a DRUG deal.

Anonymous's picture

1. I think GW is not a neame but ( guess who).
2.what time did she go to eat n with who.did she order delivery had er purse too pay.
3 did she t take out the tr rash n was watch n knew when n grabed. Her probly was goning to get lunch
4. Last guess she was going too lunch with soneone n never made it back that why she was hurry to leve erly from home.

Chanita 's picture

Bless Her Hart I Will Pray For Her And Her Family!

joe's picture

She realied her dream was from the book if it her book or the abductors.

Anonymous's picture


Michelle's picture

I wonder what happened to her. She should have told someone about the phone call, so if this person called again they could record the phone call and she could have had someone with her all the time watching over her, like the cops. Life lesson TELL someone if you're being stalked or followed by someone the first indication of this is her phone call! she was getting stalked, maybe she didn't know exactly who it was and the person who was stalking her was someone she knew. No struggle is an indication that she either walked out with someone because she knew the person, or the person had a gun pointed at her and she walked out because she wanted to comply. No struggle doesn't mean she wasn't taken against her will. The anonymous caller was probably a person who knew who took her or even helped - maybe? I would look into that a little closer. If anything by now, I hate to say it, but she's either dead or probably still with these people I hope she's not dead =( but its a possibility unfortunately we live in a very cruel and disgusting world.

A good source's picture

She is buried in Perrysburg Ohio. In a house that is described as it is. Look under the floor in the utility room.

Anonymous's picture

Wonder if poster on 5/1/16 is involved

Moore 01's picture

Take a look at her father. Just something about how he smiled, looked cynical when asking for anyone to come forward with information. It seems more intricate and complex to me...... The whole story and description.

Ida Strickland's picture

You know with all the technology today. I believe that the maintenance man knows something. When that called came in to the police department gave details were she was. Mention 2 houses side by side. What about the maintenance man why didnt they get a search warrant something slip because if they would have got a search warrant to see if he had a basement. To much time went by he may have killed her and bury her body. You know usually when these types of cases slip away usually because they had no clues or found no interest. The case will never be solved unless that person that made the call will call again. But the calls stop which means the possibility is that person is dead too.

Ana's picture

If the book was left open on that particular scene..
most likely the answers are in that book as to where she might of been taken.

Anonymous's picture

I reckon it's her dad to nochalant and laid back the way he smiled and she must of known the person she let in the office as the panic button was at her desk and she easily could pressed that.

Anonymous's picture

In response to phone calls to Det. --search the tax records for 2 houses owned by same family that are next to each other-- I worked for a large city Police Dept. And did research that idea came to mind hopefully this info will be helpful.

Sheri O'Sullivan's picture

This is a very sad case. If she took her purse and keys but not her car, she may have gone to lunch and just forgot to put the phones on hold (everyone forgets to do things they always did before). The door was locked, probably by Cindy. She was grabbed before she could get into her car. I think whoever called her and wrote the sign is the person who took her. She was probably killed the same day. In the 1980s the police didn't have the tools they have today. Also, the sign would've been considered romantic! A secret admirer. We know now, that is stalking if the woman doesn't know the person. The only chance to find her is if her grave is disturbed and her remains are found. Very sorry for your loss.
P.S. The Dad is a fundamentalist who is very wrong about the make-up causing her death. He is blaming his daughter for her situation because she began wearing make-up?? Heartless bastard. She was a young woman about to go to college, of course she was paying more attention to her face and weight! Its normal.

MrT's picture

We knew Cindy and the family. Cindy was a really solid girl. She didn't run away or do something stupid. Those attorneys she worked for did business with the drug world and she probably overheard conversations. They silenced her. RIP sis

Joe Kulik's picture

Dear MrT: How do you equate "run away" with "do something stupid"?? How do you reason that a "solid girl" "didn't run away"?? The point is that you are judging Cindy by YOUR values, without REALLY Having a clue about HER Values. Did it ever occur to you that Cindy ran away precisely because she Was NOT "stupid", because she WAS "smart" enough to realize that the rigid Fundamental Christian lifestyle of her family was just not what she wanted out of life, & that the ONLY Way that she could live the way she wanted to live was to just break free from her family & start a new life?? Of course, family & friends of a "disappeared" person ALWAYS Assume foul play, but only because the alternative is too painful for them to handle, that being that their "loved one" Just DUMPED Them for a better life. ...

LUIS FREEH's picture


Mr. Man's picture

I've seen you comment on quite a few posts and they're always cryptic. Why?

Franklin5's picture

They're not cryptic, they're just bad spelling from an uneducated person with creepy ideas.....who shouts.

Joe Kulik's picture

My thinking about Cynthia Anderson is that she MAY Have run away to start a new life. My reasoning is that she may have rejected her family's Fundamental Christian lifestyle, replete with their plans for her to attend a Bible college with her Fundamental Christian boyfriend. Also her father is quoted as disapproving of her wearing make up & skipping breakfast to try to lose weight. Her father is quoted as calling her a "debutante" for her efforts to enhance her feminine beauty. It all adds up for me as an environment where this 20 year old young lady didn't have much room to express her individuality, and her own ideas about what kind of life she may have wanted. Furthermore, she may have seen no way to reconcile with her dogmatic family if she "disobeyed" them regarding her life choices ...

Anonymous's picture

Being raised with a Christian back ground I can see her leaving to start s new life . Possibly to afraid to tell her psrents that she had met someone in fear of thier disapproval . Being young yet thinking her parents would not approve of a man she met . Love is blind and makes people do things with out thinking .

Liz's picture

Did anyone cross reference a 1981 residential white pages under "W" to research initials "G. W." in comparison to the county's recorder of deeds property ownership of two neighboring houses or a duplex?

Anonymous's picture

I know where her body is it in the boxs with the lock on it its in the river that all i know

joey 's picture

Anyway to watch this episode.

unsolved's picture

Hi Joey - this case is shown on Escape in episode SP131. You can see the latest schedule at

PsychicANGELA's picture

The one who keeps posting about her being in a box...are you a Psychic? Either way, my quick impression is a marriage and name-change. It may not be solved as she doesn't want to be found. I also felt the boyfriend was too possessive. He'd be one to look at if my vision is off about her being alive -- always possible -- as I see another vision of debris and a river or lake.

The boyfriend whom she was to attend school with ... what happened to him? Did he go on to be married and was there a history of spousal abuse. I feel there is a clue and/or knowledge from him.

Danno's picture

She DID NOT disappear on her own or 'stage' her disappearance. Absolutely this is a case of foul play. To the people who think she ran away or 'staged' her disappearance- Can you explain the phone call from the woman who claimed she was held in the basement of a house? Don't you find it weird how one of the lawyers who worked at the law office was arrested years later and charged with distributing cocaine and heroine? Remember right when she went missing that same lawyer was representing Jose Rodriguez on drug charges- the same guy that was arrested in 1995 along with the lawyer and the same guy that confessed to killing Cynthia Anderson but a Judge threw out the confession.

Also there have been no sightings of her. In most cases when someone disappears voluntarily or runs away that person usually always contacts a friend or family member later on, yet that didn't happen here. If she ran away why didn't she take her car? Why didn't she make any attempt to access the money in her bank account? Why were there zero sightings of her other the person who called Police claiming she was being held in a house? If she 'staged' her disappearance she did a terrible job. Why would she stage her disappearance and then lock the door behind her? If she had staged her disappearance she would have thrown stuff around to make it appear there was a struggle. I think someone she knew is responsible and someone who worked at the law office connected to the lawyer and Jose Rodriguez or... it was Neller and Rodriguez who did it. I read where someone said, 'what type of kidnapper would have allowed her time to leave a book open to the part of the abduction scene?' First of all the book could be a coincidence or the two lawyers who came back to she wasn't there could have made it up all together. Nobody besides the two layers can verify that the book was turned to that page so they easily could have made it up. I think someone she knew who worked there or a lawyer from that office came back and said, 'hey, Cindy let's grab breakfast.' or something along those lines and from there she was taken possibly to a house where she was murdered or held captive for a while. That would explain why there was no forced entry and why the door was locked. A lawyer would have access to the building even it was locked. You people that think she ran away want to ignore the lawyer being arrested and Jose Rodriguez' confession along with several other things. Wake up- it's foul play, not a staged disappearance or run away.

Sevenisnumberone's picture

I think you are right Danno

Lurker's picture

The graffiti was found to be a different GW and was written for a different Cindy.

For those who are asking why she never told anyone about the phone calls, I have read in multiple places that she did. She told the attorneys and they put in the buzzer for her because of it.

Toledo's picture

What about all the strange events during that time?The Cook brothers were killing persons in the North End during that time and wasn't Alton Coleman along with his side kick Debrorah Brown seen in that area too?

Friend's picture

Cindy was my friend. We were a year apart. We went to church together. Her boyfriend did go in to marry and have children and was not abusive. In fact, he graduated from the same Masters Programs as about 8 years after Cindy sent missing. Cindy's dad was not a creep. I was a Police Explorer back then and the police have more knowledge of this case than has ever been released to the public. Her disappearance had a huge effect on me and I often think about her. Unfortunately, from what I heard from the (former) Chief if Police in Toledo, Cindy was probably not alive long after she went missing.

Beccaboo's picture

Was Cynthia ever found or is there any new information?

ron white's picture

I went to Bedford with her vary nice person and fammly I alwas hoped thay would find out someing on her all we can do is wounder and its been a long time we got out of high school in 79

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