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Amy Bradley

How did a young woman disappear on a Caribbean cruise?

Amy Bradley


Gender: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Defining Characteristics: Tattoos: baby Tasmanian Devil spinning a basketball on her left shoulder blade, tribal sun with a Chinese symbol in the middle on her lower back, Chinese symbol on her right ankle, green and blue Gecko lizard around the size of her navel.  Piercings: navel ring, multiple ear piercings.  Scars: 2 and a half inch scar on her right shin

Amy was on a cruise to Puerto Rico

A vacation nightmare begins


Did Amy know her abductor?

On the surface, pleasure cruises look like a perfectly safe way to take a vacation. But according to the New York Times, beneath the carefree party atmosphere lies a little known secret: sexual assaults. Some claim the crime occurs more regularly than cruise lines would care to admit. This was true of the Bradley family when they set sail from Puerto Rico in March 1998.

Amy Bradley was an All-American girl. She was pretty, outgoing and athletic. And even though Amy was a strong swimmer and a trained lifeguard, she was terrified of the open ocean. According to Amy's mother, Iva Bradley, Amy had to be persuaded to join her family on the Caribbean cruise ship, Rhapsody of the Seas.  

"She was reluctant about going up to the railing. But her dad and her brother both said, 'Come up here, we'll hold on to you.'"

Amy was not in her room in the morning

Amy managed to put her fears aside and cruise life offered plenty of distractions. On their third night at sea, Amy and her brother, Brad, partied long and hard. Neither returned to the family's cabin until 3:40 A.M. Amy's dad, Ron, said he woke up when she came in and said she was going to sleep on the balcony:

"She said she hadn't been feeling too well because of the motion of the boat since we left Aruba that evening. So she said she was gonna just to stay out there and get some fresh air."

The next time Ron woke up, Brad had gone to bed and Amy was asleep on the balcony:

"I could see Amy's legs from her hips down. She looks like she was resting comfortably. I dozed back off to sleep. The balcony door was closed, because if it hadn't been closed, I would have gotten up and closed it."   Just 30 minutes later, according to Ron, their dream vacation turned into a nightmare:

"About 6:00am, something awoke me again. I got up, looked out on the balcony and the balcony door was open about 14-16 inches and Amy wasn't on the deck. And I had a little funny feeling at that time, because it was unlike her to be up that early in the morning."

Amy's family says the ship's crew resisted paging Amy, claiming it was too early to use the loudspeakers. And to make things worse, the ship had just docked in the port of Curaçao. Amy's mother pleaded with the crew:

"I got very, very panicked and frightened and I asked them please don't put the gangplank down. 'You need to lock the ship up. You need to back the ship off of the dock.   Don't let anybody off of this boat. Somebody's got my daughter.'"

The Bradleys claim the purser didn't broadcast the first page for Amy until 10 minutes to 8:00. By then, Amy's mother said, most of the passengers had disembarked for the day:

"I became more and more frantic because I knew that if she was in a position to hear the announcement, she would come immediately to us. And then I had thoughts that maybe somebody had her in a room and she heard it and couldn't get to us."

Finally, the captain ordered a search. Officials claimed they combed through all 10 decks, all 999 rooms and found nothing. A three-day search of the ocean also failed to turn up any trace of Amy. The official conclusion: Amy may have fallen overboard, or even jumped.

The Bradleys began to piece together Amy's last hours on board the ship. She left the balcony between 5:30 and 6 a.m.   They know she changed her clothes. They know she took her cigarettes. But they don't know where she was going.   And then, they found a witness. Crystal Roberts said she saw Amy early that morning with the bass player from the ship's band:

"I saw Amy and the band member walk over and up to the next deck up above us. And about 10 minutes later, he came walking around by himself."

Others claimed that they had seen the bass player flirting with Amy the night before:

Brad Bradley:

"She said that when they were dancing at the disco, he tried to, you know, dance a little too close, and she had to tell him to back off a little bit."

That morning, no one but the Bradley family and ship's security knew Amy was missing.   No one, that is, except the bass player. According to Amy's brother Brad, the musician mentioned that he felt bad about what had happened to his sister:

"That was a really odd thing to say that early in the stages of this thing, you know.   Nobody knew except for my family and I, and security, that something may be wrong."

Authorities never found any evidence that the bass player was involved with Amy's disappearance. Then, according to Steve Reeves, the editor of a cruise line trade publication, a disturbing new theory emerged:

"There's rumor and legend surrounding slavery in the southern Caribbean. It's not uncommon knowledge in the maritime community that young white women are considered to be very desirable to foreign procurers."

Amy's mother believed her daughter was a perfect target:

"Amy would have been a trophy. Amy would have been someone that, I believe, could have been picked out and fingered to move off of that ship. She could have been held and hidden. She could have been possibly drugged and taken from that ship."

Officials of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines insist that Amy either left the ship on her own or met with an unfortunate accident. Her parents are convinced the opposite is true. They are offering a $250,000 reward for information.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season one with Dennis Farina and coming soon with Robert Stack. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina.



mary's picture

thats bunk. the cruise line is responsible for all passangers

Jenay Mystery's picture

It's extremely unfortunate that crimes like this can happen on cruises, where it's otherwise, exciting and fun and an opportunity not many will get to have. I know since Amy's disappearance there have been changes in protocols and more recourse developed for victims, but still not enough that it CAN BE PREVENTED altogether. If it means they need more staff, harsher requirements and background checks, so be it. Honestly, I believe more crimes involve staff and members of the cruise line than passengers. That's just my gut feeling based on my research and my own cruise experience.

Kiany 's picture

No they still haven't find her.

Bambi Smith 's picture

Royal Caribbean should be held accountable for this girls disappearance. Background checks should be done on the crew working these ships. You can bet my family will not travel with Royal Caribbean again. And we have went on 6 cruises. But if they care no more for their passengers well beings than this forget it. I would not go if it was free. Hell all family members may not return home safely. They make enough money off these cruises they could help fund and locate Amy and bring her back home again.

lord rob main's picture

did they they ever find here

unsolved's picture

Amy has not been found.

Joshua S's picture

I agree with Jenay Mystery, if this girl was a victim of human trafficking, it was someone(s) on the staff. Its the perfect setup, pick out the young, attractive, intoxicated women and pass the info along to whomever does the actual kidnapping. As for the search of the ship yielding nothing, most passengers and crew had mostly disembarked, meaning Amy was removed from the ship or the "search" wasn't thorough especially if her captors were part of the search party. Has the whole staff of the ship been checked up on yearly? I am willing to bet that if one or more of them are connected to human trafficking, there would be some record of it by the police by now.

Michael Boddie's picture

I absolutely believe Amy is alive. I think she was abducted and forced into sex trade. I hope it is not much longer before she is found and reunited with her family.

Dahlia's picture

I agree with you, Michael. Hopefully she is still alive.

NB's picture

Apparently Amy's parents were emailed a photo of a prostitute that closely resembed Amy from an adult escort website in 2005.
read about it and see the photo here:

Rebecca's picture

The staff had to be involved, they did not seemed alarmed when the parents reported Amy was missing, they had a parade of excuses not to search for her right then and there.The authorities never found any evidence that the bass player was involved with Amy's disappearance, that does not mean he didn't take part in her disappearance. It seemed it was staged, the bass player playing the nice guy, he flirted with Amy the night before, which set the stage. Who knows what was discussed after dancing, maybe they planned to meet up at a certain time or maybe he showed up on the balcony when she was out there and they left together. He knew the perfect time to lure her because he work on the ship. He probably walked her right into the hands of the kidnapper or kidnappers. He know s every inch of that ship and what time would be the right time to lure her, just before the ship docked. That is the perfect opportunity the ship docks people are getting off, it's noisy and so forth. They ordered the search when they felt like it because they knew at that point there was nothing to be found. The official conclusion: Amy may have fallen overboard, or even jumped that's baloney. I know her family must be devastated because they were the ones who persuaded her to go in the first place. My prayers goes out to them and Amy as well.

jeannaDurham's picture

I believe the Bass player was involved because she was last seen with him. The witness seen them togather and then she disappear. It was a set up looked like to me. Probably someone else that worked on the cruise line was involved looked like to me if it was a passenger like her someone would seen them and when they stoped the passages from leaving the boat someone would seen her. I read where these cruise lines could have people working on them involved in ssex crimes. It would be easier for someone working on the cruise boats be involved they could hide someone out more than a passenger they would now how to do it . I heard of this story for years I remember it on unsolved mysteries. I still believed the Bass player and someone else working on that ship was involved. She was last seen with the Bass player then he was seen by himself that looks funny to me where did she go and just vanish like that looks like if she was seen with a passenger on the cruise someone would seen her with them.g

AmyIsMissed.'s picture

Amy Bradley's case was most recently featured on Beth Holloway's ''Vanished'' Television program.

To keep up to date on Amy's case, visit:

misteenmm's picture

has anyone thought of Israel Keyes?known to take cruises?travel the us and kill and rape his victims?

Anonymous's picture

Good question, considering he stored the body of his last victim in a shed at his home for two weeks while he flew to New Orleans for a cruise. Apparently the FBI had the same question and compiled an interactive map of his travels from 1997 to 2012. There doesn't appear to be any cruises during March 1998, the time Amy disappeared.

Mary Kelly's picture

I would like to know did they chech the bass ayers room for her DNA. It could be just a strain of hair I think he drugged her. I would put a private detective watching all the time. I bet the cruise lines would find her. Where was the bass player from?

brielle's picture

Amy never going to be found she's lost she doesnt know where she is shes a ghost on the ship the ship is haunted no she doesnt no the band member he killed her

melodycollis's picture

l agree with you, that coloured man in the band killed her, most likely put something in her drink, offered to take her back to her apartment, took her back to his apartment, raped her, had sex with her, then put her body in the port hole. amy went into the water, drowned, never to be seen alive again. he is the most pure and evil man l ever seen. its about time he paid for his horrible crime. how many other poor innocent woman, have died at his hands.

Anonymous's picture

those cruiselines only care about 1 thing that's to make money would not be surprised if the lines were involved in the slave trades

Michelle's picture

I have been following the Amy Bradley case since I was a young girl in the 1990s. I wish more people cared about finding her. Unfortunately at this point I think she's too far gone and will most likely never return home.

She's not alive....I'm sorry!'s picture

I just watched the show which I seen twice. I believe she was thrown over the ship by someone she met on the ship. Probably raped several times, gaged, tied up and threw overboard before the ship even got to Curacao. Very very sad!!!

Leigh's picture

I pray Amy will be set free from her captors. I don't believe she's dead, and its a horrible thing to write you think-someone is dead, when she has a family filled with hope, yet at times I am sure challenged. Father in heaven please move mightily in this case and return Amy home. I pray her captors would repent from all the evil they have done, not just to Amy but many others like her. And all those who had a part in Amy's abduction would receive justice from on HIGH, the courts of heaven would be their judge. For when God does it, HE does it best. I pray for a reassurance of hope to this family. In Yeshua/Jesus name AMEN

Hopefull's picture


corina doucette's picture

My heart is breaking for your family.I hope she is found. My prayers are with you.

Shinji Kataoka 's picture

This case was also featured on Rob Dyke's "Seriously Strange" series on YouTube. One of the missing person's profile was Amy Bradly. Here's an update based on his video: an American sailor visited a brothel in Curacao and encountered a woman who claims to be Amy. When she was asking for help, 2 unidentified men escorted the woman out. The sailor was scared to admit he was at the bar because he was still on duty and he may be discharged. However, when he finally admitted 2 months after the encounter, the brothel had burned down. 7 years after Amy's disappearance, her family was e-mailed from an mysterious escort service with the picture of what looks like Amy in a racy appearance on the bed. It could be the fact that Amy herself might have sent it to her family for help or her abductor(s) might have sent the picture, taunting the family that they will never get their daughter back or they might have given a clue to them, meaning they may have threaten the family to give up search or else, they can hunt the family down by tracing their IP address.

patty K's picture

My thoughts and prayers are with Amy in hopes that God will bring her home alive and well. My thoughts and prayers are with her family as well. God bless you all!

Emily 's picture

This is nuts to many ppl have seen her in the escort-sex trade...she's out there and needs our help

Kristi's picture

i am so sorry for the family. I am the same age as Amy would be and so many things have to me in my life I can't imagine what she has went through! My prayers to the family I just watched the story on the id channel and can't imagine their pain.

terry's picture

Sept 2015 she is 40 now same age as my daughter. If she was taken for sec trade just how old will they keep them. As much as i hope shes not dead i believe it would be better thanwhat would have been happening all these yrs. God bless you snd find a way out if possible and if not God its time to show proof of her death

Dwava 's picture

I been following this stories for years , I do believe she was and is held against her will and was forced into the sex trade!!!! Caribbean island, Boat cruises to these island are very known for this.... Also I know new pictures were seen on Internet did they ever track IP address ???? There r sooooo many new systems tht can break all those codes ! I hope they find her , and def feel they will find her alive , a lot of shows who aired her story looks like she is a fighter!!!! I believe one day she will be back home until then let's fight to find this woman and charge these pigs sex trade is a ugly disgusting world

Average Joe's picture

I have been reading about this case since I read about it on a website. I had no idea this sort of thing could happen on a cruise. Makes me paranoid and uneasy just thinking about going on a cruise ship. I pray that Jesus will have mercy and bring Amy back to her family.

Mortimer O'Faherty's picture

Has the hypothesis of Amy going over the balcony rail as a matter of suicide, or recklessness as to whether or not she lived, been fully examined? What exactly were the reasons for her misgivings about going on the cruise in the first place? Did investigators talk to her friends, to her doctor? Were her letters and emails examined? Was she troubled about something, say a boyfriend? What did she talk about to her brother, during her last known hours, as they both sat on the balcony? Just how much alcohol and, if applicable, other drugs had she taken by the time she was sitting on the balcony? What do the tattoos tell us about her? BTW, the last known sighting of Amy was when she was observed, apparently sleeping, on the balcony by her father (after her brother had retired to bed); all other sightings are speculative. Why would she leave the cabin and go into the public area of the ship, without her shoes?

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, I think the picture's from the escort service would be the way to go.

RAY SCHULER's picture


Monika's picture

Watching now on 48 hrs! I believe this case is solvable sytill. Someone needs to use common sense and ask the right ppl the right questions and do it now. Even back then there had to be video. And certainly the staff including the bass player would know every part of that ship. For that matter, the passengers would have had cameras too, and the shop would have a list of passengers. If she was taken, she could be in or on that film! Furthermore, if they believe her to be a sex slave, I'm sure there are creepy websites for that too, so look there for pics showing her tattoos...

BryansMom's picture

I've been tracking this for many years now and my heart goes out to the family. I have this gut feeling that she is still alive out there... and the right person is going to come across her and help her out of whatever trouble she is in. She won't be the same again, but she will be home with her family. Her family has not given up and that will be the most important thing that she will see once she gets back with them. There are plenty of stories of abductions where victims have been found YEARS later and I believe that will be the case once Amy is found. There have been too many sightings and coincidental women stating they are her and pleading for help... there's no other explanation. She's out there and she needs help. She may be "playing along" with her captors because she knows it will save her life and I'm sure she's a smart lady... she'll get out of this alive and I pray her parents are still around to witness it.
I believe it's very hard b/c it's not in the United States and I think they are limited with what can be done and it shouldn't be that way. She's a US citizen and ALL resources should be pulled to find her. I pray she is found soon....

Samantha breeze's picture

I pray one day their beautiful daughter will be save with her wonderful family who will never giue u on their little girl my thoughts with her special family

Typing's picture

I have only just learnt of this story - I watched her episode on Crime & Investigation just last night. It was shocking - I was at the edge of my seat when the captain of the ship disembarked the ship then the ship was to set off again. She was reported missing BEFORE disembarkment - was this captain not done for neglect and improper handling of a missing persons report? Maybe its just me but I cannot get my head around this - perhaps answers would have been achieved had he dealt with this differently - if she had been held against her will and taken onto the island - maybe had he dealt with this differently she would have been found!! I also believe the bassist knows something - i also suspect he has played a part in many more disappearance!! Another site said according to his facebook he has found god - i hope his god tells him to do the right thing and give her family information. So i read too if she is still alive it is likely she now suffers from stockholm syndrome which is for me just adds to the anguish!! I cant imagine any bigger distress for any family to loose a family member without a trace!!! I hope they one day have resolution!!!!

melodycollis's picture

lts so so sad, but now l think shes dead, going with l0 or more men every day, getting HIV or aids, or other ill-ness woman get, that man on the boat is as guilty as hell, the FBl should arrest him, he knows whats happened to her, how many other woman or young girls has he done it 2. he ought to be shot.

Eric W Bohannon's picture

It was a inside job, to find merchandise, Gs, The Bass Player is a Cartel Member, the top security Staff, is involved, she was led douwn to the small speed boat, and I get she has come into TX, dressed as a body paint, Hispanic G, di'ed hair Bk, due to come back, I see a fbi or looking at supervisors, to see if they can forward this to other un otherized people,

Eric W Bohannon's picture

The Mighty Jehovah God, is taking her and putting her back on her Families couch. He Says, 1 Cor CH 12-14, The Bible is Exalted, The King James Bible is True.

Phillip S.'s picture

I can't believe this is still unsolved, I will pray daily until it is! Being a teenager in 1998, I saw this as a news story and prayed for it then too. I asked the Lord what happened back then and I believe she was captured with the crew involved. The Lord told me to check on this story again in 2016 after so long, and I was horrified that it's still unsolved. She will be saved. I pray in the name of Jesus for her return to her family!

looking4amy's picture

First, a question: is the 3rd picture above the actual Amy with maybe his brother on the ship, or it's just a reenacted scene? Also the 4th picture, is it the actual cabin of her family on the ship?

Only learned of this case few days ago and searched for every piece of info since. Amazining many credible sightings of her (by a taxi driver on the day of her disappearance, by a local in San Juan 4 days after ther disappearance, by 2 Canadians on a beach in Curacao in 1998, by a Naval officer in a brothel in Curacao in 1999, by a woman in department store restroom in Barbados in 2005, and by many people in Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco). I cannot imagine her family's feeling when thinking what if they were present on one of those occasions!

This poor girl, what an unimaginable hell she must have been lived in! Hope the next time she is spotted she'll be rescued.

unsolved's picture

Hi looking4amy - those photos are both from the recreation.

Gayle Dichazi's picture

I have watched shows regarding this family's daughter and it is pathetic that no one can find these brothel leaders who have her! Good grief go on the site and hire her and find her! My heart goes out for her and her family. Stay strong!

Bambi Smith's picture

Hold Royal Caribbean responsible for the safe return home of this woman. I bet she would be home in no time then. That cruise line did not do enough to help the family, and damn sure should have held that band player accountable. Be surprised how he would of sang like a canary under interrogation. Now this family has not had their daughter or sister around for 18 years, 18 years no one has been held accountable for Amy's pain and suffering. Really really unbelievable. Come on people find Amy Bradley. Hold Royal Caribbean cruise line accountable.

Jennifer 's picture

My heart goes to Amy's family. So sad that a dream vacation has become their nightmare. I personally feel like Amy never left that ship.(until it was all clear for person responsible to dump her overboard) Because of the Cruise lines lack of locking the ship down and bringing police and search dogs in to locate Amy before allowing one person to exit that ship. They are at fault. And that gave the person responsible ample time to dispose his dirty little secret! I 100% feel it was a worker of that ship. And sure hope better laws have since been put into effect to prevent this happening to other families. You can betcha ass if that happened to one of my kids? I'd called police myself from that boat and told that captain he had 30 seconds to lock that ship down while I was contacting police, news stations, president of US whoever I had to call to get attention and action taken. I pray for Amy's family fo have peace. And maybe they should hire a legit investigator to get back ground checks on each employee of that ship and start there. And then lie detector tests for that "bass player". Maybe then the truth will surface.

Anonymous's picture

I wish Amy's parents would hire a legit investigator who'd run back ground checks on all employees of that ship. And lie detector tests for any persons with bad back ground And of the "bass player". Prayers to bring Amy justice.

Anonymous's picture

A legit investigator and background checks would have been a nice idea, but lie detector tests don't work. That's been known for some time now.

TyingToHelp's picture

Unsolved Mysteries,
Has the FBI looked for any leads on the Deep Web? Other countries have been reported to check for missing people on human trafficking pages off of the Tor (a.k.a. the Onion) browser. It may lead to nothing but it may also prove to be worth exploring if they haven't yet checked.


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